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ARTEFACT is a creative studio from Vienna.

We tell stories in mixed reality since 2019, with the goal of creating unique interactive environments and interfaces for clients, through custom apps.

What we do
for clients

Strategy, concept & art direction
Our services include developing strong conceptual and visual strategies for clients using digital assets in a real-world physical context, improving their goals, existing modes of communication and customer relations.

Content design

We design digital and physical bespoke content for memorable and strong experiences in all scales. Our services span from designing 3D assets to motion graphics, architecture, UI, and smart users interaction, implemented within your existing physical environments and spaces.

Technical implementation
We execute every app with the latest available technology tailored to benchmark end-user devices. Our workflows are flexible and calibrated to every project and demand. We develop for Android and iOS.

ARTEFACT enrich culture and spaces by working at the intersection of art, architecture and technology blending these in meaningful ways. We believe the future of expression is digital and anchored in our urban environments.

ARTEFACT is leveraging its expertise within architecture and design, to build bridges between our real and virtual worlds, creating meaningful experiences for our clients; enabling them to succeed in a mixed reality future.


Mixed Reality Studio | GmbH | LLC.

Bloch - Bauer Promenade 28

1100 Vienna


+43 (0) 650 5523623

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